Elevator History

In our world today as a wonderful tool that we use the vertical transport in the service of humanity and offered to lift the whole world has spread from Europe as the first extant documents we learn in our hands.


From ancient times to the early 13th century medieval removal tools were the powers behind the power of human and animal. In ancient Roman times between the palace and out of the cupboards that we learn from inscriptions. VİTARÜS Roman architect. MS was written in 26 BC in Rome in the works Even 236 years ago to load and spoke to download some tools. Then lift the cabinets is a primitive scientists agreed. Similar to the medieval period cabinets (lift) Practice outside the walls of the monastery are known to be showing the elevators.


This type of lift is made more enemies in defense and protection aimed at making night raids on the inside, is thought to prevent.

17. Century, a French architect named VELAYER this primitive instrument with a little more developed and counter-weight to balance work and move the hand by pointing to these instruments Sandel called flying.
15 years after the American architect Henry Waterman was larger than a closet and run this tool with compressed air was used in two-storey building. This tool does not remain in the operation showed the need for manpower.

In 1867 a French engineer named EDOUX international exhibition in Paris was the occasion for a new machine and remove the name LIFT (Asseneeur) put it.

guests came to visit that could lift up to the highest point. Exhibited again in Paris in 1878, 62.5 meters high, was able to make EDOUX elevator.

This time, the German physicist in 1880 revealed a new invention ERNER VAN Siemens.

Mannheim exhibition benefited from the electricity. In 1889 Paris \ ´an exhibition opened in the name immortalized in the famous french EIFFEL Engineers and people effortlessly set up a lift out of this tower is a watch made in Paris.

Born in Istanbul after three years, so not exactly a city that´s hidden in the hotel overlooking the enchanting beauty of the Golden Horn (Pera palace), Orient Express, to accommodate passengers in 1892, was built by the French architect Alxander Valley


Although the building´s first electric Beyoglu, Pera Palas, Turkey´s oldest hotel is located in the electric elevator. (1892) hotel is one of the most beautiful corners of the nearly century-old lift with integrated Pera Palas, the new up to date with the best in preserving the beauty and splendor has come.

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