Elevator Regulations


15 February 2003                     No 250021



Purpose,Scope,Basis and Definitions



Article 1- Of these regulatıons aim of the Zoning Code and related zoning regulations,according to the construction of the buildings, people and cargo used in  elevators and security components of the planning,design  manufacture,instillation and maintenance as needed when and operation by users of health and safety  at risk to not be marketed ensure of design and manifacturing stages that must be complied with basic health and safety rules must be followed and the conformity assessment procedures of conformity assessment bodies approwed will be appointed to determine the minimum criteria will be considered.


Article 2- The issues related to the scope of this regulation are listed below.

This regulation is consistenly usef as building and construction lifts to be used in safety component listed in Annex IV covers.Specified in these Regulations to lift all or a portion of the risks covered by specific regulations,this Regulation comes into force these specific do not apply to elevators or before the date of such application is stopped.

This regulation does not cover the following lift.


  1-Public or private,for human transportation including rail suspension cable wire overhead lines,

  2- And has been specially designed for military or security lifts,

  3- Mine hoists,

  4-Stage lifts,

  5-Vehicles fitted with lifts,

  6-Entrance to only work for machines and elevators due to,

  7-Ray working on gear trains

  8- Or fort he transportation of people and freight elevators for people incunstructin site lifts used.



Article 3-  This Regulation No 4703 relating to the products of the Preparation and Implementation of the Law on Technical Regulation and Consumer Protection Law No.4077 has been prepared based on.



Article 4-  For the purposes of this Regulation;

     a)Ministries : the Ministry of Industry and Trade,


b)The Underscretariat: the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade,


     c)Commission : European Union Commission,


d)Lift : Building and construction,the specific levels of service,the inelastic and the horizontal plane is 15 degree forming an angle of more than moving along a fixed rail and having a cabinet;


          -People and freight and,

          - Eligible to enter the cabinet,that a person is able to enter the cabinet and the cabinet beingforced into the cabin or in easy reach of a  person  equipped with embedded control,only a device intended for the carriage of cargo,


      e)Model lift : Technical file, the objective defined by the values and models thet use similar security components are manufactured in accordance with the lift to the basic safety rules shown how to lift samples

(Models with lift model of the lift types who lift part of the generation of lift between the permitted all variations of maximum and minimum values with the technical file must be clearly indicated.Basic safety rules to ensure respect miscellaneous equipment similarity calculation and / or design plans can be shown.)

      f)Elevator Company :  The Regulations under the lift of the design,manufacture,assembly, project ,in terms of business licenses released are responsible for,and the product name,trade mark or other distinguishing Marks by affixing the CE mark affixed by and EC declaration of conformity to regulate the natura lor legal persons; elevator company out of Turkey in case the elevator company by the authorized representative and /or importer,as well of the lift in the supply chain area and the activies of the elevator safety characteristics that affect the natural or legal person or entity.


    g) Safety Parts : Parts of lifts listed in Annex IV,


    h)Security Components Manufacturers : These Regulations under the lift of the security components fort he design,manufacture , launch responsible fort he product to the CE mark affixed by and EC declaration of conformity to regulate the natura lor legal person or entity,security parts manufacturing company out of Turkey in case of security parts manufacturers in  by the authorized representative and /or the importer and also the security components in the supply chain and operations that affect the safety characteristics lift the natura lor legal person,


i)              Module :  According to this regulation, the risks of the lift or safety components according to the conformity assessment procedures which will be subjected to each of shows the way


      j) CE Mark : These Regulations under the lift or safety components or elevators used in the manufacture elevator related equipment,components and parts while working or using the environment and people’s health and safety or that the goods that threaten the security not in nature,indicating that this regulation in basic health and safety rules and regulations contained in the technical regulation and meets all the eligibility assessment process and is subject to compliance with the provisions of this regulation shows the mark.

      k) Basic Safety Rules : The elevator /security componentsof human health and safety or that the cost of security in terms of the need to have the minimum security requirements,

      I)Compliance Assessment : Elevator or security of the assembly and testing of compliance with this regulation to examine and /or any activity related to certification,

m)Compliance Assessment Agency : Elevator or security of the assembly and testing of compliance with this regulation to examine and /or documentation related to activities in the private or public organizations,

      n)Approved Establishment : 4703 Law and the Law of the implementing regulations of the Conformity Assessment Bodies and Notified Bodies Regulation and this regulation pursuant to the provisions of this Regulation within the framework of conformity assessment activities to maket he testing inspection  or certification bodies from the Ministry by the determined and authorized private or public organization.

      o) Standart: We have agreed, which was adopted by an organizatin endorsed the present circumstances the most appropriate level, a scheme be established,aimed at the common and repeated use,these regulations within the scope of the lift or safety components or other parts of the properties processing and manufacturing methods,related terminology,symbols packaging marking labeling and conformity assessment procedures shall be complied with one or more of discretionary and that regulation indicates.

      ö) National Standarts : A lift or safety components covered by these regulations or for other parts prepared by the Turkish Standarts Institute standarts

p)Harmonized National Standarts: The regulation of the lift or safety components or other component that make for harmony and that harmonized European Standards by the Turkish Standards are adopted as Standard.

      r) Harmonized European Standards: This regulation under the lift or safety components or other components for the European Union Commission directive on the European Standardization Organization preparad by the European Communities Offical Gazette name published Standard.

      s) EC Declaration Of Conformity: Elevator parts manufacturing company or security of supply on the market on the lift or safety components of comply whit the provosions of this Regulation, the document declared.

      s *) EC Type Examination: Certificate is issued by a Notified Boby be given to the elevator company a lift or safety components orf the document showing compliance whit the provisions of these Regulations.

      t) Placed On The Market: Elevator company elevator user is ready to make his first state or the security parts manufacturer or other parts manufacturers produce their parts, elevator campany in the supply and use for the purpos   of reward or bonus as a market place to get ready fort he initial state.

      u)The Market Survelliance and Control: The Regulation under the lift or safety components or order parts of the market supply or distribution of the stage or what the market or in use where as this Regulation in accordance with the manufactures can not be checked and secured whether by the Ministry to control or supervise.

      u *)Building Responsible: for the elevator ,this Regulation according to the rules as a safe way to work to ensure regular maintenance and repairs and control made responsiblefor the Building’s owner, include owner or their authorized persons or organizations,

      v) Authorized Service: This regulation is with in the scope of maintenance and repair of elevators in the elevator company or legal person special authorized by ,

      y) Product: Lift and / or parts of elevators,

      z)Operating Permits: This regulation under the marketing the elevator preliminary and field projects, standarts and this Regulation to the basic rules and technical regulations conformity certification of the following, the building is connected municipalities or municipal boundaries outside the governor issued by the elevator in the use of life property safety in terms of indicating that the document is not a problem,

      za) Elevator Maker Do: Riding the elevator, the elevator company to contrat with private or legal person who,

      zb) Electricity Project: Facility will be based on the type of electrical control of the lift, control, safety systems, signal systems and the overall drive power etc. systems containing and electrical current path shows the Projects, all of which contitutes an inseparable,

      zc) Projects: To-do the accounts of plants, electricity projects, including size and shape of buildings built to the complete design,

      zd) Local Construction: Construction of the elevator car will run well with the drive and control elements of the scene where the,

      ze) Traffic Calculation: The building features and pieces of the elevator according to the needs of its speed, capacity, control and use the most economical way to determine the way the style of the account,

      zf) Annual Control: The elevator in terms of safety and operational work in accordance with standarts that at least once a year to be checked by a qualified engineer, refers.




Basic Safety Rules and Standards


Basic Safety Rules

Article 5- Elevators within the scope of this Regulations, Annex I, must meet the basic health and safety rules.Security component within the scope of this Regulation, Annex I, the return must meet the basic health and safety conditions, or they are mounted in the elevator in question must provide the basic rules.



Article 6- The issued related to standards  are listed below.

One or more of a harmonized Standard to cover basic health and safety requirements in case.      1-The elevators are manufactured according to these Standard in Article 5 shall be deemed to comply with basic rules or,

2-Which are produced according to these standards, security of parts of lifts were installed correctly to ensure compliance with basic rules that are considered appropriate.

The ministry of harmonized national standards published in the Offical Gazette of the names and numbers. With this information the ministry has notified the Commission through the Undersecretariat.

Ministry of harmonized European standards is not available, the Annex Ito the minimum basic health and safety rules correct implementation important or relevant existing national standards and technical specifications about the relevant parties to provide information necessary measures to take.


Ministry pragraph (a) specified in the Harmonized national standards or the standards based on the European standards of Article 5 of the specified security requirements completely not delivering to determine if the subject Undersecretary through notified the Commission. Commission on the issued will make assessment upon such harmonized European standards and this adaptation makes the harmonized national standards, the publication of the withdraval must be reported if the ministry concerned harmonized national standarts, the Oficcal Gazette in the published list out.

Annex XV existing compliance by the Turkish Standards Institute standards are harmonized.




Conformity Assessment Procedures “CE” Marking and Irregular Use Of The CE Conformity Mark


Conformity Assessment Procedures

Article 7 – Security components and conformity assessment procedures for lifts are listened below.

A-Conformity Assessment Procedures For Safety Components:

 Annex IV of the security prior to release of their components,parts,manufacturers of the security by following procedures should be performed.

Safety components will be applied to any of the following confomity assessment.

Security assembly model in Annex V and Annex according to the EC type-examination shall be made by an organization approved by IX manufacturing inspection shall be submitted to,,or ,

Security model assembly according V  EC type examination shall be submitted to Annex and Annex VII fort he manufacturing audit or a quality assurance system operated,

Security components fort he model in Annex full quality assurance system operated by IX.

Used in  the Annex ( depending on the situation in Annex VIII,Anex IX or Annex XI) the conditions taking into account all the security components to the CE mark is attached,and Appendix –II listened information , including the CE declaration or conformity is issued.

Security parts manufacturer for a copy of the EC declaration of conformity of safety components from the date of the last 10 years would keep manufacturing.


B- Lift For The Conformity Assessment Procedures:


  A lift before being released from one of the following actions are required to pass

The elevator ,you mentoined in Annex V of EC type-examination has been designed by an elevator;

1)Annex VI,the final examination or,

2) lift the quality assurance system specified in Annex XII,or

3)Oct-XIV mentoined are produced by the application of manufacturing quality assurance system , was installed .Or;


Elevator, EC type –examination referref to in Annex V,the model hass been designed according to the elevator;


1)Referred to in Annex VI,the final examination or,

2)Referred to in Annex XII,or lift the quality assurance system,

3)Appendix XIV manufacturing quality assurance system referred to , are produced by applying installing and testing is done.Or


Elevator,while not fully conform to the harmonized standards,design rewiev is accompanied by an appropriate quality assurance system  Annex XIII by an elevator design has ben applied :


1) Annex VI, the final examination or,

2) Lift the quality assurance system in accordance with Anexx XII,or,

3) In accordance with Annex XIV manufacturing quality assurance system is mounted by applying manufacturing and test are performed. Or ;


An elevator unit approved by the organization listed in Annex X verification process is done.Or;


Elevator Annex shall be subject to full quality assurance system according XIII ,if tihs quality assurance system is not fully compliant with the revelant harmonized standars,the design will be reviewed.Mentoined above (a),(b) and (c) the situation was the person responsible for he design of manufacturing process,to the person responsible for assembling and testing necessary to work with absolute safety to all documents and information must be provided.


C) Elevator companies,this sustance (B) In all cases mentioned in paragraph following considerations are met.


Used in the Annex ( depending on the situation in Annex VI,Annex X,Annex XIII,or Appendix-XIV),the conditions taking into account the elevator CE mark attaches and Appendix II listed information including an EC declaration of conformity layouts


The elevator from the date of release for a period of ten years shall retain a copy of the EC declaration of conformity.


The Ministry,the Commission ,the European Union member states and other organizations to request if approved,the declaration and the final inspection report,a copy of the test can be obtained from the elevator company.


CE Marking

Article 8- The issues related to CE mark are listed below.


The CE conformity marking CE is composed of the letters.The shape is given in Annex III will be a sign.Be drawn out and attach th CE mark,and 24 643 in the use of the Offical Gazette dated. 01.17.2002 CE Marking on the product to be attached and the provisions of Article 5 of Regulation aply.


The CE conformity marking, Appendix I, “General” section of the article about 5 in accordance with each cage to clear and visible way , Annex IV listed security components to each of, if not possible if the security assmbly inseparably inserted in a on the label is attached.

Third parties and shape the meaning of the CE mark will mislead in terms of signs of lift sor safety components are not allowed to be inserted.Reduced visibility and legibility of the CE conformity marking,provided that any other signs of lift sor safety components may be attached.


Irregular Use Of The CE Conformity Mark

Article 9-  Article 13 of this Ordinance provided that the provisions ;

Ministry the CE conforrmity marking an inappropriate wa interfere been determined if the elevator is installed the elevator company or the security components of the manufacturer of the lift or safety components of the CE conformity marking about the provision of facilities by ensuring and configure these abuses ended,is obliged to

Not appropriate if the situation continues,the Ministry of the security components such restriction orprohobition of placing on the market or to withdraw from the market and lift the prohobition on the use of all measures are taken.Undersecratary of the ministry through this situation and the actions of the Commission and the European Union member countries are reported.

Elevator parts manufacturing company or security if it does not comply with their obligations under this  regulation,to lift or safety components placed on the market,the person is responsible for this obligation.




Supply to the market,Market Surveillance and Inspection


Supply Market

Article 10- This Regulation is made in accordance with market supply of lift sor safety components and principles relating to freedom of movement are indicated below.

True in a way that was projected,manufacturing,assembly,and every month,maintained and according to its purpose used these regulations in the scope and  just for human health and safety according to instead of goods the security compromise does not lift the placing on the market to be services put in is permitted.

These Regulations within the scope of the security components of the placing on the market or put into service to , mounted were elevators properly installed and maintained when,and for the intended purpose when used as only human health and safety or that the cost of the security compromise failing in is permitted


 In accordance with tihs regulation of elevators and /or security components to be placed on the market or be allowed to put into service,can not be limited or prevented.


Security parts manufacturer declares that this Regulation is intended to be attached to the elevator assembly in accordance with these Regulations and prohibited parts are not released, will be limited or blocked.


CE conformity marking bears and along Appendix-II listed EC declaration of Conformity with elevators and security of their components of this regulation,third division(7th,8th,9th objects) specified conformity assessment procedures as well,including the provisions of these Regulations to all conform to accepted be.


Trade fairs,exhibitions,demonstrations and similar cases , these regulations do not conform to lift or safety components of the lift installation company or the security of their components manufacturer or an authorized representetive by the suit brought until put on sale can not be a visible mark as expressly provided,the applicable regulations do not comply with of lift sor safety components will be blocked from being exhibited.during demonstrations,adequate safety measures for he protection of individuals should be taken.


Market Surveillance And Inspectioncomponents

Article 11- The ministry of lift sor safety oversight and supervision and 24643 of the Official Gazette dated 17.01.2002 of the products to the market surveillance and inspection in accordance with the provisions laid down in Regulation will make or do.



Notified Bodies

Article 12-  The Department of Regulation Article 7 specified in the conformity assessment processess that will operate the Notified Body of the determination reporting status and the removal of 17 01 2002 and dated 24 643 of the Official Gazette of Conformity  Assessment Bodies and Notified Bodies Regulation referred to in the provisions of this Ordinance and in accordance with Annex VII performs the minimum criteria





Article 13 - Lift sor safety components to satisfy their basic health and safety regulations and related measyres taken aganist the improper use of Marks are listed below.

Ministry of this Regulation in accordance with the manufactured CE marked and according to its prupose as a lift or safety components of the people and by the place of goods , the security compromise could  detect if the lift or safety components of the back from the market or for collecting placing on the market that will prevent or freedom of movement to restrict all shall take measures


Ministries,especially the justification of this decision with a measure of this type


This regulation specified in Article 5 do not meet basic safety rules,


The regulation referred to in Article 6 of the wrong implementation of standards,


Referred to in Article 6 of this Regulation because of the lack of whether the standards,shall inform the Commission through the Undersecretariat.


Ineligible for a lift or safety components CE conformity marking if the Stones,until a point aganist the Ministry will take necessary measures and shall inform the Commision through the Undersecretariat.


Lift mounted the elevator companies ,building or construction manager contacted,the necessary Exchange of information should provide,and lift the good work and safe to use to ensure that necessary measures should take.


Elevator companies,elevator shaft, and security necessary fort he operation of the lift form the outside of a pipe fittings,wire systems or other equipment to help ensure the necessary measures shoul be taken.


Of tihs Ordinance Article 10(a) and Article 13 (c) and subparagraph (d) The provisions of prejudice to the provisions of this Regulation elevators in this Regulation not specified in a way to change means “provided by the ministry concerned elevators into service,or used deems necessary to ensure the protection of persons eligible in accordance with these Regulations shall affect the right place.




Lift Facilities and Businnes Practices



Article 14-  Elevator  the preliminary projects and exercises,Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in accordance with the principles indantified by jointly prepared.The preparation of the project will be governed by Turkish standards for work outside the scope of the standars are  based on country of origin. Elevetor is done with preliminary projects and architectural projects,architectural projects constitute a basis.Exercise facilities releaated to thee lift the lift assembly projects to be approved prior to the revelant authorities.Obtaining licences for business during the drying and lift done,the project is supplied with the license


Traffic Accounts

Article 15-  Architectural practise in the project before construction of the building and use the propertiesof the traffic,account must be made n accordance with the conditions.


The traffic calculations,standards for work within the relevant standards,the standard coverage  fot things made by the engineer who prepared the project.


Traffic from the responsibility of the main criteria adopted in the cal culation of these criteria,giving arcihtects,account number and characterisrics of  the elevator with the results from responsibility of the engineer is responsible for project preparation.


Strength Calculation and Mechanical Projects

Article 16- Strength calculations and mechanical considerations revelant to the project are listed below.

Lift the structure of the revelant strength calculation : Construction of the static calculation in accordance to the elevator machine room,well into the bottom and rail deetermine where the next load amount and type of shows are accounts and these accounts mechanical engineer by the arrangement are awared.

Concerning the manufacture of elevator strength calculation: Appropriate to lift the project ,according to the standards will be done by mechanical engineers are strength calculation

The elevator is issued by the engineer of mechanical projects are awarded.Mechanical portion of the elevator engineer,esponsible for technical supervision of the application must be run according to the project company is responsible for lift.


Electricity Projects

Article 17- Elevator to the electrical and electronics engineers,electrical and electronics projects and shall be signed by the arrangement.Electrical and electronics related portion of the elevator electrical and electronics engineers,responsible for technical supervision of the application must be run according to the project company is responsible for lift.Electricity projects will be provided during the businness licence application.


Local Consturction Of The Lift Will Be Dry

Article 18-  Construction of facilities will be installed in the elevator of construction scene,always in Article 15 of this Regulation results in traffic,account number and characteristics of the standards provided for according to the size of the elevator should be in.



Construction Of Local Facilities

Article 19- The elevator will be installed plants are properties of lacal construction:

Accidents and other Issues :

Floor landings in front of the doors if any to the Turkish sstandards or applicable international standars should be of adequate size.

Elevator machine room to the exit ladder,building on the property ladder should be home.

The concrete elevator shaft in the iner side of the screen is not as polished plaster dust will not be done.


Accidents and Other Issues

Article 20- After the start of the elevator installation,elevator accidents,and other issues that may well be in the elevator company as soon as work on the elements of the elevator company,other times it is responsible fort he construction company with a record is determinde to be prepared.

During the maintennance of the elevator to be bright enough,the elevator shaft from the engine room lightingfixtures and installations should be controlled.


 Businness Permits

Article 21- Businness License,the elevator company or the municipality by the municipality for buildings outside the boundaries is the guvernor’s office received the document.These documents are given ,by the lift firm  these regulations need to lift the design ,projecting( preliminary application strength,traffiv accounts),the manufacture and assembly is made and the maintennance agreement fort he maintenance agreement fort he maintenance of upper life and property security be appopriate fort he CE mark and Notified Body from the EC,EC type examination certificate and declaration of presence is required.Certificate of conformity and CE marked with the revelant authorrities fort he elevator during an examination and inspection shall be made by the licence.



Article 22-  The building manager of the elevator,this Regulation according to the rules as a safe way to work with the goalof once a month regular maintenance and repair of these regulations as described in the required use errors and external interventions that many ocur as risksfor the prevention of the building connected to the municipality or the governor by the first control of elevatorsin operationtwo years after the subsequent control are also done every year is responsible for.



Article 23- This regulation is within the scope of the lift during use,to ensure continuity of basic health and safety requirements to be kept under continuous control;


Responsible for the building with an elevator company or its authorized service during the warrantty period between the current monthly maintenance and service agreement is required.Also ,the elevator company for failure to intervene when such agreement must be mentioned in the text.


Agreement , the company that manufactured the elevator,the elevator company or its authorized service can lift.However,during the warranty period for monthly maintenance and service contracts necessarily attached to the company that manufactured the elevator,the elevator company or its authorized service should be.


The monthly maintenance and service elevators,the original spare parts are used.


Lift manufactured,the company made every type and characteristics of the elevator’s originial replacement parts for ten years in stock tok kep and by him were manufactured lifts monthly maintenance and provides services for another elevatorcompany or its authorized service or superintendent of this demand, the urgentand and normal necessarily have to meet market conditional.


Annual Control

Article 24 – The building is connected by municipalities or municipal boundaries, except for buildings at least once a year by the governor control of each lift is made. However, council staff or governor does not have sufficient technical staff to work out an annual check from the electric and / or the mechanical engineer can do. In terms of safety and operation of these engineers to operate the facility indicating whether the barrier and will have responsibility for a report.


These reports are issued in three copies, one copy of the council or the governor, the elevator company or the authorities responsible for the buildings are maintainied in service. This report is issued in the elevator of his building responsible for monitoring and maintaining the company is jointly liable.


Users With Concerns

Article 25- The people who use the elevator to the following points need to be careful.Points will differ depending on the nature of the elevator in writing to the concerned company or companies provide maintenance worker,passed on this information users could see the place and hang.

This information is as follows:

a)The elevator between floors in the rescue of people lift the same company or maintenance worker to the firms written instructions are followed.


b)Elevator ride alone to avoid making their children under the age of 12,


c)When you enter the elevator on the flor of the cabin,whether it be considered,


d)The elevator and out into diversionary not have acted quickly to maket his work,


e)From the inside or outside the elevator’s floor doors to open outside the regular way doesn’t work,


f)He is cought between the elevator floor by breaking the glass door does not try to quit,


g)Without connection door in the cabin lift in the cabin2s looking into moving to the wall by the door itself or together with the lack of in org ive rise to the theme of things,


h)The exit door on the elevator’s cabin on its own is not attemptinng to quit(this cover is used only for those who want to save from the outside)


i)Placed into the cargo cabin to be considered a balanced load , the car wasin motion to take measures to prevent the registration of these loads,


j)The company contracted to perform maintenance and persons other than a company not be intervening in the elevator.



Article 26- The engine room ,MRL elevators with the revelant provisions do not apply.By elevator companies,poteential risks,but preventive measures should be taken.Also on the front of the safety requirements and standards that would apply in other cicumstances.




Miscellaneous Provisions



Article 27- Notifications are listed below concerning matters

Ministry,the European Union Directive No.95/16/EC prepared by taking into account the implementation of this Regulation to the Commission through the Undersecretariat and the European Union member countries are notified.

The provisions of this Regulation in acoordance with any lift or safety components on the 9th and 13th substances brought all kinds of restrictions,prohibitions and measures requiring the reasons started by the Ministry as soon as possible to parties concerned.



Article 28- the Ministry approved the establishment and implementation of these regulations all the parties involvedprovided they fulfil their duties in order to ensure the confidentiality of all information.


Behaviour Contrary To The Applicable Provisions

Article 29-  The Regulation of the Seventh Division in the service related issues violating about the 4077 Law and the Regulations of the product to the provisions contrary to the behavior found in those of the law No.4703 shall apply.


Legislation Repeal

Article 30-  and 22499 of the Official Gazette dated 20.12.1995 Elevator Regulations,as required to application of these regulationsis repealed from date of entry.



Article 31- The Ministry regarding the implementation of this Regulation is authorized to maket he necessary legislative adjustments.


National Standing Committee

Article 32- Implementation of this regulation of the sole purpose of ensuring,when necessary,in coordination with the Ministry of representatives of revelant public and private agencies and organizations comprising the National Standing Commitee be established.This commitee will participate in the study of instituons and organizations and committees is determined by the notification procedures and rules will be published.


Provisional Article1-  This Regulation entered into force 18 months after the date the applicaion is mandatory.During this period,according to the provisions of this Ordinance have produced,both referred to in Article 30 0f Elevator Regulations and related products are manufactured according to standards can be marketed.



Article 33-  This Regulation shall enter info force on publication



Article 34-  The provisions of these Regulations shaa be executed by the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

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