Quality of Services

The purpose of the VIP ASANSÖR to provide high quality care services. Customer equipment failure without working to ensure the highest level of service quality to provide efficient care processes that enhance VIP ASANSÖR ´s service personnel, modern technology and are equipped, the institution´s representative so that training is reviewed. Service personnel in all conditions is composed of professionals working in a flexible manner.

 VIP ASANSÖR Modular Based Maintenance ™, the global standard of care based on the method consists of. This service for the life of the equipment provides the performance and safety, and reduce failures. VIP ASANSÖR ™ Customer Service Center staff to answer calls 24 hours seven days are served. VIP ASANSÖR Customer Service Centre staff to respond to service requests and fault elimination and technicians VIP ASANSÖR passes for passenger evacuation. If the problem requires special expertise, VIP ASANSÖR Customer Service Center ™ of specialized staff in this area go on to the scene to provide and fix the problem.

VIP ASANSÖR area supervisors to optimize care and service and maintenance technicians to the scene to minimize the distance between the special tools for this task-oriented uses. Care about the situation in the case of a change, these tools are helping to take immediate action.

VIP ASANSÖR service technicians, VIP ASANSÖR ™ Customer Service Center provides advanced wireless mobile devices are used. Mobile communication process, speed and flexibility while a technician is assigned. This feature also allows the technicians are able to achieve real-time information.

Additional Services

Provide additional services that your equipment is more efficient. These services provide additional information for the performance of your equipment, improving the appearance, provide better access and increase safety.


VIP ASANSÖR, product and service quality, after sales service will continue to.


Uninterrupted and safe for use, after-sales maintenance of your lift regularly makes VIP ASANSÖR interruptions caused by user error is the time to intervene.



To The Attention Of Managers!


Users can not lift the lifetime of security and lift with the relevant laws of the monthly periodical maintenance of lifts and frame as stipulated in the documents required to be performed by the attention that the elevator company.


Necessary and valid documents for companies and individuals do not incompetent in the care of all managers are responsible. Administrators can create in an accident about 6 years in prison and fines starting at issue is. December 20, 1995 date, and lift regulations published in the Official Gazette No. 22 499, can be kept under constant control of each lift blgelere certainly have required the authorities to an elevator maintenance company to connect with the written agreement has made it compulsory.

According to the provisions of the regulations will lift lift maintenance companies to run their own machinery and electrical engineer, and shall have the following documentation.

1-Ministry of Industry and Commerce "After Sales Service Compliance Certificate " or "elevator maintenance worker firm " document


2-Engineers working on behalf of his company issued for "Free Engineering and Consulting certificate"   with  "Firm Registration Certificate

Documents issued on behalf of this company only has a right to use the address of the company. The dealership opened in branches or data is not available for this document.

These documents can also apply for a visa within a year are required to be made.


Dear Administrator, definitely  "Elevator Regulation" appropriate care what your contract Monthly maintenance fee is determined to be less qualified to lift regulations on non-company do not care.
Breakdowns and maintenance technicians to work in our company will be taken. Human resources in the application menu will be filled with cv.






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