Exterior Elevators


Employees during the day must include between both buildings outside of their activities and vertical movement due to a large extent the performance loss is. Front lift, economical price, the short period of time assembling and practice work with performance increases and construction costs decreases.




Ropes without a building outside the desired height up to a smooth and compatible with each other columns through the short period can be made. Cruising range approximately 50 m with a front lift assembly of the 2 (two), 80 m for the maximum three days. In the case of stripping, or broken gear automatic safety brakes and power circuit into a high state of emergency facilities in a safe and reliable manner is mounted in a short time



Wide and closed cabs, with enough capacity and smaller engines to be driven because of the economic power consumption. For example: EHP 400 types of 400 kg lift capacity of 120 m front distance cruising, the car´s dimensions 2:42 m 2, although the engine is 4 KW.


Our delivery times, may vary between 3-5 weeks.





Front lift 2-year warranty. Our team of experienced and have enough information service system is composed of elements.



People and load carrying purposes completely closed cabinet used the front elevator, high speed and comfort is a system. First stop on the cabinet to protect the special cage circle system has. Cabin on the first floor there times when apartment entrance door always closed, not opened and maximum security. Capacity : 400 / 800 / 1200 / 1500 kg Max. Cabin Rate: 0:42 to 0:50 m / s Max. Cruising Range: 120 m in accordance with EU Machinery Directive 98/37 EC, a vertical transport is very safe. FE-510 material produced by massive wheel rail systems are durable and long lasting. Emergency system is in accordance with standards. 

ECE 400* / 500 L

Economic systems to move freight.

Options for every budget, large and functional cabins, the possibility of a single phase.



Compliance with EU Directive 98/37 EC Machinery ,


ECE - 400 (Capacity: 400 kg),

 Cabin Speed: 0.20 m / s (Max Cruising Range: 120 m)

 Power: 3 KW 220VAC/50Hz 16/108A



ECE - 500

Cabin Speed: 0.33 m / s

Power: 4.5 KW 380 VAC/50Hz 16/56A


.Rack that contains the column length is 1.5 meters. The building is used for cabinet and each 6 meters in elevation to the building are connected with special connectors.

.Feet tall triangular-shaped columns and manufactured strictly equal.


FE-510 and every millimeter of the column material is resistant 510kg pressure.


Approximately 3 m in height from the floor of the security measures include warning signal.


ECE - 1200

Capacity: 1200 kg

Cabin Speed: 0.33 m / s Max.

Cruising Range: 120 m

Power: 12 KW 380 VAC/50Hz 32/130A


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